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Online Steward Manual

1.  Rights and Responsibilities of a Union Steward
        •  Leader
        •  Educator
        •  Communicator
        •  Organizer
                    Signing Up The Non-Member
Answers To Objections About Joining The Union
Political Activist
        •  Welcome Committee
  2.  Establishing Yourself In The Role Of Steward

  3.  New Stewards Take Note

  4.  Goals Of A Union Steward

  5.  Listening to Others

  6.  Nobody’s Perfect — 20 mistakes that shop stewards make

  7.  Ten Mistakes A Steward Should Never Make

  8.  Make Sure That Members Know When To Ask For A Steward
•  When Questioning by the Boss Could Lead to Discipline… Ask for a Union Steward

  9.  What is a Grievance?

10.  Past Practice Issues
•  Can Employers Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game?

11.  Get It in Writing

12.  The Grievance Interview

13.  Handling Grievances

14.  What Does “No” Really Mean

15.  Writing a grievance

16.  Resolving Issues Early

17.  Dozen Points on Grievance Presentation

18.  Ten Rules to Prepare Witnesses for the Grievance Hearing

19.  Seven Ways To Lose A Winning Grievance

20.  When the Member Doesn’t Have a Grievance

21.  The Disciplinary Interview

22.  Preparing Discipline Cases

23.  The Steward’s Role at a Disciplinary Hearing

24.  Documenting Discipline: What the Bosses Do

25.  Insubordination – A Dozen Questions to Ask

26.  How Can They Make My Life Miserable?

27.  Important Labor Laws

•  The most important law for U.S. workers is the National Labor Relations Act.

        •  Description, questions, and answers on Weingarten rights

        •  Family and Medical Leave Act

        •  American’s With Disability Act

        •  The Duty of Fair Representation, Memorandum

…..Other On-Line Steward Resources

        •  Law Journal – For up-to-date legal headline news.

        •  Are Accidents Waiting To Happen On Your Job?

        •  US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

        •  Department Of Labor

        •  Occupational Safety & Health Administration

        •  The White House

        •  Willamette Law On Line

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