Organizing the unorganized is the charge of all unionist, whether they be an international officer, local union officer, or a steward. A major task of the steward is to organize the members in his/her department. Listed below are the things the steward should know to fulfill the role of organizer and suggestions as to how to do them:

How you go about it:

1.  Respect the sincerity and opinions of every worker.
2.  Treat all alike regardless of face, sex color or political beliefs.
3.  Protect the interest of the non-union worker as diligently as you may defend the union member.
4.  Recognize that your union is a voluntary association of free men and women. Solid support can only be won through reason, persuasion and effective representation.
5.  Keep everlastingly at it.

Tips For Face-To-Face Contacts

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Contact at the right time. Do not contact an employee during normal work hours - catch them during break, lunch, or before or after work.
  • Be yourself. Smile, relax, use the kind of language you use every day.
  • Have some piece of information to give or leave with the worker to break the ice.
  • Be polite. If a worker refuses to talk to you, don't get into an argument, tell the person you'll catch them another time (do follow up).
  • Be frank. If you get a question that you can't answer, don't try to bluff. Tell the person you will try to get the answer.
  • Don't preach. You should talk about the issue to help lead the person to his or her own conclusion. This is a much more effective approach than a hard sell.
  • Listen. Listen to what the worker says - it will give you insight into their particular concerns and objections. Sometimes the best way to convince a person is just by listening and letting them know that the union cares what they think.

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