Political Activist

The steward has the responsibility to make the members aware of political affairs that effect their livelihood and social well-being, including keeping them informed as to legislation that affects the collective bargaining process and climate. the steward should also become involved in politics by helping on campaigns of labor-endorsed candidates. Listed below are the things the steward should do and know to fulfill the role of political activist and suggestions as to how to do them:

How You go about it

1.  Read newspapers and union literature, such as the AFL-CIO News, The Legislative Alert, and your international paper, so that you understand the issues from a labor perspective.
2.  Attend education programs that address the issues.
3.  Volunteer to work on a phone bank, knock on doors, stuff envelopes or pass out fliers for a labor endorsed candidate.
4.  Organize letter writing campaigns to your representatives on important labor issues.
5.  Participate in "actions" organized by your union, such as rallies and marches.
6.  Distribute union literature to all members.

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