1613 Volunteer Projects

Tues, June 11th, 2013

Brothers and Sisters of Local 1613, We are beginning a Volunteer Program for Local 1613. The main purpose is to show solidarity and assist area agencies with community projects. Not only are we helping agencies, we would like to include our members who know of anyone that is in need of jobs around the house that would not take more than a few hours. If we get to a point where we have several requests, we can split into teams to cover more area. In order to make this work, we would like members, when possible, to help in this effort. I have been in touch with Salvation Army and currently they have a list of different opportunities. This is a good way to show our families, friends and communities, that Local 1613 is full of great union members and is around to lend a hand. We hope to purchase T-shirts and possibly, nice polo shirts. This program has great potential and we can make it what we want with your participation. I will be the contact person for all projects. I want to be able to keep track of everything the Local accomplishes. We hope to have some incentives down the road as well. If anyone can think of a zippy name for this program, there might be a little something special in it for you. In solidarity, Debbie Carter,Vice President, Local 1613 816-726-5729 cell or Southland 913-681-7314.

Event #1 Saturday, Jun 22nd to help clean an alley and remove graffiti. We have 5 volunteers so far and would welcome more. The hours are 9:00 to noon.
** Local 1613's first community project to clean alley behind the Salvation Army on 9th St in KCMO was a great success! Pretty amazing to see our members come together and work so hard for a great cause. I am honored to be a member of this union. In solidarity, Jana. Pictures posted on our locals FaceBook page IBEW Local 1613.

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