Face to Face with the Most Dangerous Woman in America
By Ronnie Gilbert
Reviewed by Laurene Seales

The first part of this one hundred twenty-three page book is a biography of Mary Harris Jones. The second part is a play Mr. Gilbert wrote about the end of her life.

The book is short on personal information because very little is known about her personal life, except that she was an Irish immigrant, whose husband and children died in a yellow fever epidemic. We're not even sure when she was born.

After the death of her family, she dedicated her life to the labor movement, especially to organizing mineworkers all over the country. Although she was willing to go wherever asked, to help organize, or help out in strikes, her main concern was always the mineworkers and their families.

Mr. Gilbert tries to help the reader understand Mother Jones' stand on different issues, such as her staunch opposition to women's suffrage, by using imaginary interviews with her.
I personally would have preferred more biographical information on her life in place of the play, but other readers may enjoy it. Overall, this was a book worth reading.

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